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Welcome UAlbany Students!

Whether you are a first-year student or one of our returning students, we are excited about helping you with your career journey. We offer a range of appointment types from major exploration, internship and job search, networking, and graduate school. To get started, schedule an appointment in EAB/Navigate.

Student Perspective: Resume Appointment Tips!

How to Prepare for a Resume Review with a PCA (From someone who’s been there) by PCA Zuhayr

Creating a professional resume for the first time is always daunting, doubly so when you’re presenting all of your professional work and …

By Sarah Gelfand
Sarah Gelfand Assistant Director of Career Education
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20 Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Recent Grads

If you recently graduated or are graduating in the spring, you may be thinking about your first job post-grad. Forage pulled together a great list of different entry-level jobs that are great for recent graduates in their recent article.


By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Student Perspective- Imposter Syndrome

Peer Career Advisor Aleeza shares her experience with Imposter Syndrome and applying to internships. Take a look!

There is no doubt about it, internship applications can be very scary. Looking at job descriptions and qualifications can be overwhelming, and as …

By Sarah Gelfand
Sarah Gelfand Assistant Director of Career Education
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Pros and cons of female students, grads working for female-owned, small businesses

At College Recruiter, we continually remind ourselves how critical it is that all of our employees are the right people and in the right seats. Normally, employees get, want, and have the capacity to do a particular job well so …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Defeating Imposter Syndrome

“I don’t belong here…I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m capable…they’ll be so disappointed once they find out I’m a fraud and get rid of me…” – sound familiar? These are some of the most common thoughts that graduate applicants and students …

By Mary Avery
Mary Avery
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