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Parents & Families

Welcome Parents & Families!

Parents and families play a pivotal role in guiding UAlbany students towards valuable resources as they explore and validate their career aspirations. Parents and families can actively participate in the career process and can significantly enhance their student’s overall career readiness and success by:

  • Support & Communication:  Your involvement is crucial to guiding your child’s success and open communication can create a supportive environment.
  • Identify Strengths:  You know your child well; communicating and identifying these strengths can be helpful when they are exploring their options.
  • Network:  Use your network to introduce your child to mentors and opportunities.

This page serves as a bridge to our office, ensuring we can support your student’s professional growth. Encourage and empower your student to connect with the Career and Professional Development team to discuss ways to enhance their professional development.

UAlbany Families Create Student Opportunities

If you or your employer are interested in providing opportunities for UAlbany students, please check out our “Employer Page” for information on how to register and post positions on Handshake or reach out to us at career@albany.edu!


Common Job & Internship Search Mistakes Young Workers Make

In this article, Christine Cruzvergara, Chief Education Office at Handshake discusses the common mistakes that young workers make when looking for a job or internship. Much of her advise boils down to: Research, Network and Prepare! You can read more …

By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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ROI: The Evolving Landscape and Value of a College Degree

You and your student may be considering if a college degree is “worth it.” You’re not alone. However, there are still strong benefits to earning a degree. BestColleges has a great and comprehensive article on data that supports that a …

By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Defeating Imposter Syndrome

“I don’t belong here…I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m capable…they’ll be so disappointed once they find out I’m a fraud and get rid of me…” – sound familiar? These are some of the most common thoughts that graduate applicants and students …

By Mary Avery
Mary Avery
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Ways the Career and Professional Development Office Can Assist your Student

By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders at UAlbany

You can play an active role in helping UAlbany students reach their career goals. We believe in the power of networking and the value of connecting students with parents and alumni who can offer support and guidance and expose students …

By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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