Student Perspective: Resume Appointment Tips!

How to Prepare for a Resume Review with a PCA (From someone who’s been there) by PCA Zuhayr

Creating a professional resume for the first time is always daunting, doubly so when you’re presenting all of your professional work and leadership experience (or relative lack thereof, depending on your personal circumstances) to someone else for review and feedback. 

But as someone who’s been on both sides of the table (the person getting feedback and the person giving out feedback), I believe I’m in a good position to give some sage advice on how to start creating your resume and how to prepare yourself for a meeting with either a PCA (Peer Career Advisor) or one of team members on hand in the Career and Professional Development Center. 

  1.  It’s highly recommended that you start creating your resume and create it from scratch in Word, Google Docs or any other writing application before you book an appointment with a PCA. (If you already have a resume, skip to step 2). It’s not mandatory but highly recommended. Additionally, I’d recommend consulting with the examples given in the Career and Professional Development Center Office such as the Resume Outline Example
  1. After creating your resume from scratch or brushing up an old one, it’s important to keep in mind to have a master resume. This will be the original resume that you will have as backup while creating more tailored resumes depending on the job you’re applying to. After all, you wouldn’t send the exact same resume for a job at Common Grounds and at the NY State Assembly, unless you wish to be rejected by both.  
  1. Finally, after having done all of the steps mentioned above, you’re ready to book an appointment with a PCA. Simply book an appointment through EAB/Navigate or utilize the walk-in-appointment hours to meet with a PCA. While at the meeting, it’s highly recommended to take notes, either through some sort of mobile device or good ol’ pen(cil) and paper. After you’re done with a meeting, implement any changes (if necessary) to your resume and if you still feel that more advice is needed, then I’d recommend that you to book another appointment (or just walk in again during the walk-in-hours, if possible) with a PCA or a Career Advisor team for another look at your resume. 

Your resume, much like your career, can always change for the better.

By Sarah Gelfand
Sarah Gelfand Assistant Director of Career Education