Why a Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Program is a Smart Move

Change the way you imagine your graduate career today!

Traditionally, one begins their graduate career after undergrad, but with UAlbany´s combined degree program, you can start as early as your junior year! With over 50 combined degree programs offered, UAlbany is encouraging higher education among undergraduates with the additional benefit of saving time and money. For me, that was a huge selling point and one of the main reasons that I decided to pursue my combined program: Bachelor of Political Science and Sociology and a Master of Public Administration and Policy.

Save Time

A traditional master’s typically takes up to two years to complete. The combined program master’s can be completed in one additional year beyond undergrad. Students can take up to 12 graduate credits during their undergraduate career to get a jumpstart on their degree. Graduate credits can be counted for both your undergrad and graduate degree so you can take fewer classes and still fulfill the necessary requirements.

Save Money

Undergraduates can take up to 12 graduate credits at the undergraduate tuition rate. Once you take your 13th credit, you’re considered a graduate student and will be billed at the graduate tuition rate.

With two degrees comes more opportunities in your career and higher pay!

Another reason I decided to pursue my combined program was the increased pay and opportunities that I would be eligible for. A graduate degree makes you a competitive candidate for whatever job you pursue after college.

Visit UAlbany’s combined programs page to see the full list of programs and how to apply.

Contact your advisor or The Graduate School to get started!

By Kayla Rankin
Kayla Rankin