Tips to Get you Unstuck in Your Job/Internship Search

Searching for a job or internship can feel isolating and overwhelming, especially if you are approaching graduation.

If you feel stuck in your search, here are some helpful actions you can take today.

Explore Career Paths

Searching for any job or internship without direction can be daunting. Do your research to find roles and industries that match your interests. If you are unsure, check out our exploration page or schedule an appointment with a career advisor to get started.

Get Your Resume Reviewed

You could be submitting materials with errors or, worse, underselling your skills. It is good practice to have someone look over any materials that you are sending out to employers. Visit the Career & Professional Development Office during drop-in hours to get started.


If you spend all your time searching on job boards, you could miss out on the opportunities not listed on those sites. Building professional relationships should be an integral part of your search. Check out our networking page for advice and platforms to help you connect with people in your industry.

Stay Positive

If you applied to multiple companies and have not heard back, it is easy to start doubting yourself. Don’t take job searching personally; several factors could impact your search, and you may need to change your approach. Meet with a career advisor to discuss where you feel stuck. We are here to help you through every step of the way. 

By Vincia Phillip (She,Her)
Vincia Phillip (She,Her) Assistant Director of Career Education