Graduate School Interest

 If you are working with students who express interest in attending graduate school, they may need to explore their interests and different careers before choosing a graduate program. They can do so by planning for internships in their field of interest, talking with faculty/staff members, or networking. Here are some helpful appointment types that we offer that can help: Job/Internship Search, Networking, Career Exploration, and Graduate School. 

If they are ready to start working on their Personal Statement, you can use this guide to help or suggest they make a Graduate School or Personal Statement appointment with us.  

The Graduate School is hosting drop-in hours on October 30th and November 27th in our office to answer any questions students may have about getting started, their specific interests, or their application. Encourage students to use these resources to prepare. 

By Vincia Phillip (She,Her)
Vincia Phillip (She,Her) Assistant Director of Career Education