Timeline for Supporting your Student’s Career Development

When do you start talking with your student about career options? Even in the beginning years of college, it’s helpful to have early conversations with your student about their interests and goals. That will help them identify academic and extracurricular activities that could provide information to make decisions about their professional goal(s).

First Year

Encourage your student to:

  • Visit the Career and Professional Development office and work with the team to understand how the office can support them throughout their time at UAlbany.
  • Create a Handshake account, the official UAlbany platform for students to explore employer opportunities.
  • Consider using Handshake to apply to an on-campus job to gain valuable experience in a flexible environment.
  • Join a club or organization to build their network, explore their interests and begin building valuable skills.

Second Year

Encourage your student to:

  • Build their resume with Career and Professional Development office.
  • Attend job & internship fairs, especially for those targeting an opportunity over the summer.
  • Continue engaging in student involvement activities and consider applying for leadership positions, an excellent way to build their resume and learn key professional skills.

Third Year

Encourage your student to:

  • Apply for internships or part-time job opportunities.
  • Schedule a meeting with a Career Advisor to discuss their professional goals (including graduate school) and plan for their final year(s) at UAlbany.
  • Connect with their professors to discuss their goals and gain insight on industry trends and opportunities. Office Hours are a great opportunity for relationship building.
  • Meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss experiential learning opportunities and ensure they are on track for graduation.

Fourth Year and Beyond…

Encourage your student to:

  • Attend career fairs and hiring/networking events.
  • Apply to jobs through Handshake.
  • Meet with Career and Professional Development for resume review, interview practice, and general preparation for the job search.
  • Enjoy their remaining time at UAlbany by connecting with their campus community and prioritizing their mental and physical well-being.

These are suggestions that can be interchangeable and done in varying order. Students who do a few things each school year to grow their development, see big gains (and job offers).The professional development process can feel stressful, but, we’re here to help!

By Jessica Pugliese (she/her)
Jessica Pugliese (she/her) Assistant Director, Employer Relations