School of Public Health introduces new nursing programs

The School of Public Health has just launched two new degree program to begin in Fall 2023; Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program and Master of Science in Population Health Nursing.  Students may come to you with questions about these programs, so it is important to clarify who the target students are for these programs.  

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program was designed for students who already have their Associates in Nursing and have their RN. Individuals with their RN throughout the state are required to obtain their BSN within 10 years and this completion program was put in place to meet the needs of individuals who are reaching the end of their 10-year grace period. This means that, unless a student has their RN and Associates in Nursing, they would not qualify for the program. Current undergraduate students looking to pursue a career in nursing should be directed to the Pre-health advisor to discuss their plans.   As a reminder, the University at Albany does not have an RN or Associates program in Nursing.

For more information go to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program.  Questions about this program should be directed to the School of Public Health.

By Cathy Parker (She/Her)
Cathy Parker (She/Her) Associate Director of Career Education