NYS Legislative Internship Applications – Due Friday, October 7th!

Have you submitted your NYS Legislative Internship Application yet? Applications are due one week from today, Friday October 7th at 11:59pm! This internship is open to students of ALL majors, U.S. citizens, and Non-U.S. citizens! 

The NYS Legislative Internship Program offers students the opportunity to work full-time with a NYS Legislator in the Assembly or Senate your Spring 2023 semester and earn 15 academic credits and a $7,500 stipend! To participate in the internship, students must have 56 completed credits by January 2023.

Want to learn more right now? Ready to apply? Check out the Center for Experiential Education website!

Questions about the NYS Legislative Internship can be directed to Sarah Murphy, Campus Liaison Officer, via email at experientiallearning@albany.edu.

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)