Reflections on Graduation and Growth

Congratulations to the all of the UAlbany Class 0f 2022 graduates!

What you do during your college years has a big way of impacting you in preparing for the next chapter of your life after graduation. We asked our five Peer Career Advisors (PCA) graduates about how this leadership role helped shape their professional development.

If you haven’t graduated yet, there are lots of opportunities and ways to get involved on-campus for the Fall semester. Check out MyInvolvement or make an appointment with a Career Advisor to talk about your ideas and to start thinking about your options.

Iszzy Hernandez


“My time as a PCA has provided me with so many opportunities, but to encompass all my experiences, the program has provided me with growth. It has given me an opportunity to learn new skills and continuously put those skills into practice which has allowed me to constantly enhance them.”

Jimmy Kinney


“I think it helped me learn that there are more career fields than I expected, and it wasn’t as complicated as I thought it was. It also helped me realize that I wanted to work in a peer-to-peer setting where I’m able to help students reach their academic goals. It refined my focus point on my career goals.”

Julie Jasewicz


“Before being a PCA, I knew who I was as a professional but I didn’t know how to communicate that to other people. Being a PCA has made me more confident and making clear decisions in how to market myself. I’ve grown so much from this position, I wouldn’t be the professional I am today without this experience.”

Devin O’Brien

“As a PCA, I learned several valuable skills that complemented my career development. Throughout the process of critiquing students’ application materials, I further understood the value of developing the skill of constructing professional documents and portfolios. Working in the office, I gained tremendous insight and inspiration from my fellow PCAs and professional staff. This insight enabled me to be a free thinker throughout job application processes and to feel confident in what I bring to the table as an employee. The office exemplified what it meant to have supportive supervisors and a well-trained staff in the work force. Overall, working with the Office of Career and Professional Development assisted myself in solidifying my competence as an employee.”



Yatin Zirath

“My experiences as a PCA have been nothing short of rewarding. The inside perspective that I’ve been privy to as just a small part of the career services office has allowed me to develop important long-term skills. These skills have been crucial in supporting my career development, particularly, my goals towards higher education and medical school. In addition to having a comprehensive understanding of resumes and cover letters, I’ve been able to leverage several of the various resources provided to UAlbany students to secure a position in a competitive Masters program that leads to medical school. I’ve been able to make connections with key individuals within my field and have been able to secure experiential opportunities in healthcare as a result. I would highly recommend all Ualbany students to consider the PCA program regardless of their major or academic background.”




By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)