Internship Spotlight – New York State Mesonet

UAlbany students have fantastic internship opportunities! Read below to learn about Sydney Boschulte, a sophomore and Atmospheric Science major interning at the New York State Mesonet. She’s also one of our awesome Peer Career Advisors (PCA)!

Where is your internship?
My internship is at the New York State Mesonet, in the new ETEC Building.

How did you find out about your internship?
One of my professors, Dr. Ross Lazear announced the opportunity during my class. He let us know it was open to sophomores and juniors, and he sent the application through an email, so I applied.

What are your responsibilities as an intern?
I monitor and analyze the data of the 126 weather stations located throughout the entire NY state. I also look at the camera footage to make sure they’re working, and to catch any weather events and make record if anything interesting happens (like an animal is in the frame). Also, I look to see if there are any issues at the sites and if so I communicate that to my supervisor and other Mesonet employees. Additionally, I answer all phone calls from field technicians to make sure all the instruments are up and running again as they should be once they complete their work on the site.

What other clubs and activities are you involved in besides being a PCA?
I’m a member of our local chapter of the American Meteorological Society and I’m a UAlbanyGO Ambassador.

What’s one piece of advice you have for students who are looking for internships?
To really keep your eyes open and to ask questions as much as possible to upperclassmen or to your professors to see if there are any internships available; you can also ask your departmental advisor for recommendations. Also, check your emails for any opportunities because it can be easy to miss them!

Thanks Sydney! There’s still time to look for internship opportunities, make an appointment with our office

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)