Take the Career Champions Challenge

The Career Champions Challenge is a brief and flexible training program that you can do at your own speed.  It includes material to read and a demo of a Career Resources you can use with students.  Complete all 8 quizzes to receive a Career Champion Challenge certificate and a magnet to display in your office.  

Completing the challenge will help you to: 

  • Understand what the office of Career and Professional Development is telling students about careers, majors, resumes, interviews, job search strategy, etc.  
  • Learn how to use the tools / resources that we have for helping students.  
  • Learn how to find targeted resources on our webpage.  
  • Learn about ways to include career information or our services in classes.  
  • Dispel some commonly held misconceptions related to career and professional development.

How does it work? 

  • 8 short education modules that you engage with on your own schedule
  • Brief information to read, a video to watch, a short quiz, and resources for further understanding. 
  • Career topics such as resumes, job search, interviewing, and salary negotiation 
  • Video demos of resources to support students.  

Periodically throughout the year we run the challenge as a 2-week program via email.  You can receive an email each day with one of the learning modules. 

You can also do the challenge now on your own schedule. Here are the links to each day.

            Day 1 – Introduction to our website

            Day 2 – Exploring careers and majors

            Day 3 – Career Readiness Competencies

            Day 4 – Resumes and Cover Letters

            Day 5 – Internships

            Day 6 – Graduate School

            Day 7 – Interviewing and Salary Negotiating

            Day 8 – Resources for Faculty and Staff