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Welcome to the Undecided/Exploring page! If you’re in an open major, undecided, or thinking of changing your major, you’re in the right place. According to the US Department of Education, roughly 30% of undergrads will change their major (so, you’re in good company!). Many students enter college not yet decided on their career goals and, therefore, their majors.

On this page, we will focus on how to:

      • Take the pressure off of making a major and/or career decision 😫
        • Focus on the journey rather than the destination:  Enjoy discovering more about yourself, your values, likes/dislikes
        • Be open to new experiences:  Join a club, attend professor office hours, read email for opportunities; make the most of the college process
        • A major isn’t a career:  While some majors tie naturally to a career path (i.e. Computer Science), some do not (i.e. Psychology); either way, you’re gaining knowledge and skills for whatever jobs you are interested in pursuing
      • Figure out what major(s)/minor(s) may be of interest 🤔
        • Take classes that both apply to many majors and classes that are purely of interest to you
        • Talk to academic advisors, professors, and/or students knowledgeable in majors you like
        • Research what careers may be of interest and what major may correlate
      • Explore your interests 🤓
      • Get involved 🙂
        • Utilize the My Involvement portal to view the latest in events and organizations
        • Involvement in clubs and student orgs may inform interest
        • Volunteer! You can even earn credit for your volunteer hours

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