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Welcome to the Undecided/Exploring page! If you’re in an open major, undecided, or thinking of changing your major, you’re in the right place. According to the US Department of Education, roughly 30% of undergrads will change their major (so, you’re in good company!). Many students enter college not yet decided on their career goals and, therefore, their majors.

On this page, we will focus on how to:

      • Take the pressure off of making a major and/or career decision 😫
        • Focus on the journey rather than the destination:  Enjoy discovering more about yourself, your values, likes/dislikes
        • Be open to new experiences:  Join a club, attend professor office hours, read email for opportunities; make the most of the college process
        • A major isn’t a career:  While some majors tie naturally to a career path (i.e. Computer Science), some do not (i.e. Psychology); either way, you’re gaining knowledge and skills for whatever jobs you are interested in pursuing
      • Figure out what major(s)/minor(s) may be of interest 🤔
        • Take classes that both apply to many majors and classes that are purely of interest to you
        • Talk to academic advisors, professors, and/or students knowledgeable in majors you like
        • Research what careers may be of interest and what major may correlate
      • Explore your interests 🤓
      • Get involved 🙂
        • Utilize the My Involvement portal to view the latest in events and organizations
        • Involvement in clubs and student orgs may inform interest
        • Volunteer! You can even earn credit for your volunteer hours

15 Jobs for Psychology Majors (That Aren’t All in Psychology)

Psychologist is, of course, one of the great jobs for psychology majors. But not everyone who studies the mysteries of the human mind wants to work with clients or be in a counseling or therapy career.

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Learn How to Use Your Interests to Make the Most of Your College Experience

The role of interest in career development can be a good starting point to explore majors and careers. Being interested in your classes, extracurriculars and future jobs can lead to higher levels of:

If you are interested in assessing your …

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Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Albany Medical College Achieving Success in the Application Process (ASAP) Workshop – July 14th

The Office of Admissions at Albany Medical College will be holding their annual Achieving Success in the Application Process (ASAP) workshop on Friday, July 14, 2023 with virtual sessions being held from 10 AM – 3:30 PM via WebEx.

The day …

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)
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FREE Pre-Health Conference for Students – Register TODAY!

Join the fourth annual FREE National Pre-Health Conference online from Wednesday, July 26 – Friday, July 28, 2023! If you’re a student thinking about pursuing the medical field after graduation, come learn from current healthcare professionals, grasp how to become …

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)
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How Study Abroad Supports Career Development – A Student’s Perspective

Khadijah Fatty, one of our awesome graduating Peer Career Advisors, studied abroad in Australia during this past fall semester. She shares with us how study abroad has helped her prepare for life after graduation!

Where and when did you study …

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)
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