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A Guide to Changing Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up?  We change our answer as we get older.  As kids, we went from wanting to be cowboys to then changing our answers to include police officers, astronauts, and rocket scientists. …

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Capital Region Gaming Industry Continues to Grow

Did you know that Albany is home to some big gaming companies such as Blizzard, Warner Brothers Games, and Velan Studios? As the gaming industry keeps growing in popularity, take a look at the article from News10 below for the …

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)
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Visual Arts Degree

The article “What Can You Do With a Visual Art Degree? ” discusses the different avenues that can be taken with a “Visual Art” major.

The link to the article: What Can You Do With a Visual Art Degree? | Best …

By Chaya Gitelson
Chaya Gitelson
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6 Best Digital Marketing Jobs (Including Skill Requirements and Salary Ranges)

Since the onset of the global pandemic, remote work has been surging. Meanwhile, digital marketing has also been surging, as many industries continue to embrace e-commerce and digitization. As a result, now is a great time to take advantage of …

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11 Great Jobs for J-School Grads—Whether or Not You Want to Stay in Journalism

With a degree in journalism, you can pursue a noble profession that’s essential to a healthy democracy and gets a shout-out in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But beyond the necessity of a free press—it’s also a fascinating, …

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