Incorporating Career Topics in Your Class

Are you looking for ways to bring career activities into the classroom? The Career Champions Admin team is focusing on creating more resources and assignments that you can incorporate into your classes.  As new assignments get added we will highlight …

By Cathy Parker (She/Her)
Cathy Parker (She/Her) Associate Director of Career Education
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Appointment Types We Offer

Summer will be here before you know it, and many students are thinking about landing an internship, or about moving the tassel on their graduation cap. We offer an array of appointment types to help the students you work with …

By Sarah Gelfand
Sarah Gelfand Assistant Director of Career Education
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Common Job & Internship Search Mistakes Young Workers Make

In this article, Christine Cruzvergara, Chief Education Office at Handshake discusses the common mistakes that young workers make when looking for a job or internship. Much of her advise boils down to: Research, Network and Prepare! You can read more …

By Jessica Pugliese
Jessica Pugliese Assistant Director, Employer Relations
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Helping Students Navigate the Career/Internship Fairs

Industry-focused job and internship fairs are fast approaching! Below are some helpful pieces of advice to help students on their journey:

By Sarah Gelfand
Sarah Gelfand Assistant Director of Career Education
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Peer Career Advisor Trainee Applications are Open!

If you are working with undergraduate students who are looking for a way to build their resume and earn money, we are accepting applications for the fall 2024 Peer Career Advisor Trainee position!

As a PCA Trainee, they will:

Trained …

By Vincia Phillip (She,Her)
Vincia Phillip (She,Her) Assistant Director of Career Education
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Defeating Imposter Syndrome

“I don’t belong here…I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m capable…they’ll be so disappointed once they find out I’m a fraud and get rid of me…” – sound familiar? These are some of the most common thoughts that graduate applicants and students …

By Mary Avery
Mary Avery
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5 Tips for International Graduate Applicants

I will never forget my application process to graduate school. It was a great challenge but also an excellent opportunity to understand why I am pursuing my Master of Social Work (MSW). You are now probably working on your application– …

By Yumeno Nagata
Yumeno Nagata
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Why a Combined Undergraduate/Graduate Program is a Smart Move

Change the way you imagine your graduate career today!

Traditionally, one begins their graduate career after undergrad, but with UAlbany´s combined degree program, you can start as early as your junior year! With over 50 combined degree programs offered, UAlbany …

By Kayla Rankin
Kayla Rankin
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Crafting Your Personal Statement

Most graduate school application processes are pretty cut and dry. Application portals not only make it much easier to keep track of deadlines, but they also streamline the submissions of transcripts, recommendation letters, and resumes. So, with such easy-to-follow admission …

By Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker
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Finals Week Tips

By Xavier McClean
Xavier McClean
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