Make the Most of Your Summer – Summer Camp Counselor

Students can use the summer months to gain valuable experience. In the Make the Most of Your Summer Series, we highlight various students who are making their summer count. This week’s spotlight is on Chaya Gitelson, a rising junior and a dual Economics and Psych major, who will be working as a Head Counselor at a summer camp. She’s also one of our awesome Peer Career Advisors (PCA)!

What are you doing during this summer?
During the summer, I will be working as a head counselor at a summer camp called Congregation Beth Elohim and I will be in charge of a group of kindergarteners. As a summer camp counselor, I will be responsible for taking care of the kids and communicating and working with the other counselors in my group. I will be in charge of planning activities for the kids, bringing them to different activities throughout the day, and making sure they are safe and having an enjoyable time at camp.

What do you hope to learn from this experience?
I hope to learn how to manage a group and plan out activities for children since this will be my first time having majority of the responsibility caring for the kids. I would like to learn about each child’s individual needs and how I can best meet them.

Outside of this experience, what else are you looking forward to this summer?
Outside of this experience, I am looking forward to continuing to be a research assistant and spending time with friends and family. I work as a research assistant in a social psychology lab and I am responsible for transcribing files from the study that was run. Prior to transcribing the files, I helped run the study, interacted with participants, and helped the participants get through the study.

Thanks Chaya! If you are looking for job/internship opportunities, make an appointment with our office

By Jessica Pugliese (she/her)
Jessica Pugliese (she/her) Career Advisor