CURCE – New Summer and Fall 2022 Research Opportunities!

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (CURCE) has new Summer and Fall 2022 research opportunities for undergraduate students looking to gain experience. Please check out the CURCE Blackboard Community Page in the “Research Opportunities” link.

Some opportunities may include the following:

  • Biophysical Computer Simulations of RNA structure and folding
  • Capital Region residential indoor air quality exposure
  • Interdisciplinary Research in AI, Cognitive Science, and/or Tech Ethics, Research Assistant
  • Birth and Beyond (BABY) Study, Research Assistant
  • The Cognition and Language Laboratory, Research Assistant
  • Microwave Remote Sensing Lab, Researchers
  • Psychological Understanding of Legal System Encounters
  • Visual Cognition and Eye Movements Project, Research Assistant
  • Birth and Beyond (BABY) Study, Research Assistant
  • Exercise: Treatment for Diabetic Cognitive Impairment and Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction Study, Research Assistant

Please contact CURCE for any questions at or follow them on their social media at @ualbanyCURCE.


By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)