Create an Elevator Pitch for Job Fairs

When you speak with Recruiters at a Job Fair, a question often asked is, “Tell me about yourself.” As there are many participants who attend Job Fairs, you won’t have a lot of time to speak with a particular recruiter. For this reason, you should always have a 30-60 second short answer ready to share (often called an “elevator pitch” in the U.S.).

For a concise and effective elevator pitch, these are some of the key components to include in your answer:

  1. Your name, school, class year, and major
  2. Your career aspirations or interests
  3. Sharing your relevant experience and skills from on-campus organizations, experiential learning, or internships that would be applicable for the company
  4. Ending with an open-ended question to ask the recruiter to keep the conversation going strong

Once you create your elevator pitch, make sure you memorize and practice saying it before the Job Fair!

Take a look at a sample elevator pitch video.

By Megumi Kim (she/her)
Megumi Kim (she/her)