Teaching Jobs for 2022 Graduates

How Will Your Work Make an Impact?

K-12 Private & Independent School Jobs
Do you enjoy working with children and teenagers? Do you want to be a change-maker? Apply today to find a teaching job at a private school.

Southern Teachers helps private schools hire teachers of all subjects who are enthusiastic about academics, co-curricular activities, and school community and who have the personality and maturity to manage and engage young students.

Over 700 private schools in the South list thousands of jobs with us each year. We can help you find the opportunity that is right for you.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, Music, French, Spanish, History, or Education required
  • For Middle and High School positions, teaching certification is prized but not required

How does it work?

  • Apply: fill out an online application with Southern Teachers
  • Schedule: If you are accepted as a candidate, your assigned Placement Counselor will schedule an interview to learn about your background and what you’re looking for
  • Connect: we will identify the best job opportunities for you and start connecting you with schools
  • Register: sign up for our Teacher Job Fair on March 25, 2022

Ways to get more information

  • Read more about our process at SouthernTeachers.com
  • View the list of schools we work with
  • Call our office at 434-295-9122 with general application questions 9am – 5pm EST Monday-Friday
  • Or email me at Recruiter@SouthernTeachers.com with questions

Southern Teachers is an education recruitment firm that helps teachers find jobs at K-12, college-preparatory, private and independent schools around the South. Our personalized teacher placement services can help you run a tailored job search and discern the opportunities most suited to you, hopefully this one. Our services are free to candidates, as is our Teacher Job Fair on March 25, 2022.

You can learn more our teacher placement and other services to schools at our website: SouthernTeachers.com

Thanks for your consideration!

By Jessica Pugliese (she/her)
Jessica Pugliese (she/her) Career Advisor